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Our Story​

FOSTERing Literacy was born from a desire to fill the ever-growing gap between foster children and literacy. Sadly, as most children enter the foster care system, they are behind in their education or gradually fall behind because of multiple placements.


In 2014, a married couple, Andrew & Amanda Sims, fostered and adopted a sibling group and began to see this gap first hand. In 2020, they began praying about how they can impact this gap. What started as a simple idea has become so much more! Andrew & Amanda began with a basic online book drive using Usborne Books & More as the manufacturer.  Once the drive was closed, they were able to gift free books to over thirty families! Since then, FOSTERing Literacy has taken off and they are able to fill the gap one book bundle at a time.


FOSTERing Literacy inspires a love for reading and learning for children within the Foster Care Community. We accomplish this through providing new and socially relevant books to these children at no cost to their caregivers. This outreach positively impacts the educational outcomes, emotional well-being, and mental health for the children supported by the organization.


If you are a foster parent, please fill out our book bundle form to receive books. We have space for you to enter your adopted and bio-kids as well, so no one will be left out.


Our funding to purchase new books comes from our Advocates!  If you'd like to become a FOSTERing Literacy Advocate (FLA), please fill out our form below.


Many foster children are medically fragile.  As such, FOSTERing Literacy partners with a single book manufacturer to ensure product cleanliness and safety.

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